Forum on the Future of Microbial Database


Toru Okuda

President of The Mycological Society of Japan


Big projects such as Tree of Life or AFTOL are now going on.  According to the new code “International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi and Plants”, new fungal names have to be registered in MycoBank prior to the publication, as of January 2013.  China is currently center of WDCM and enthusiastic to be involved in microbial database projects. Regarding the Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya Protocol was adopted at COP10 in Nagoya in 2010, which is still hot news for us. 

Under these circumstances, microbial resources and their data are considered to be important for both industry and academia.  We therefore hold Forum on the Future of Microbial Database to discuss how to cope with the current situations of microbiology in terms of their experts and users’ viewpoints.

The forum is to be held in collaboration with the following societies

Organizer:                        The Mycological Society of Japan

Co-organizer:                    Federation of Microbiological Societies, Japan

The other collaborators:    Japan Society of Culture Collections, The Society for Actinomycetes Japan, Japan Bioindustry Association, Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry, Japanese Society of Mushroom Science and Biotechnology, Japanese Society for Plant Systematics, The Union of the Japanese Societies for Systematic Biology, The Union of Japanese Societies for Natural History, The Phytopathological Society of Japan



Date:                        28 May, 2012 Monday

                                 Registration from 9:00; Opening at 10:00

Place:                        Auditorium, Tamagawa University (Bldg 25 in the map)

                                 10 min from Tamagawa Gakuen Station of Odakyu Line


Registration fee        Member 1,000 yen; Nonmember 2,000 yen (advanced registration)

                                 Member 2,000 yen; Nonmember 3,000 yen (onsite registration)

Congress dinner       3,000 yen advanced registration; 4,000 yen onsite registration

Application               by email, fax or letter; by 18 May

                                 To Hiroki Sasaki

                                 Federation of Microbiological Societies, Japan

                                 c/o Biseibutsu-Kagaku-Kiko Co., Ltd.

                                 4-13-8 Koishikawa, Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-0002, Japan

                                 Email   Fax +81 3 6231 4035



10:00   Opening                                           Toru Okuda, Mycological Society of Japan

10:10   Fungal diversity and systematics projects derived from the Tree of Life

                                                                   Kentaro Hosaka, National Science Museum

10:50   Transition of the use of microbial genome information and future perspective

                                  Natsuko Ichikawa, National Institute of Technology Evaluation

11:30   Moving from a web of information to a web of data

                                                                                    Paul Kirk, CABI Bioservices, UK

12:10   Lunch                                                                                                                  

13:30   WDCM databases and biological databases in China

                                                            Juncai Ma, Chinese Academy of Science, China

14:10   Roles of MycoBank (tentative title)           Rob Samson, CBS, The Netherlands

14:50   MicrobeDB in National Bioscience Database Center projects

                                                         Hideaki Sugawara, National Institute of Genetics

15:30   Coffee break

16:10   Requirements for industrial microbial genome database                                   

                                                                                         Tatsunari Nishi, Genaris, Inc.

16:50   Users perspecitves of microbial database, general discussion

                                                      Hideharu Anazawa, Japan Bioindustry Association

17:30   Closing                               Michio Oishi, National Bioscience Database Center

18:00   Reception                                                                        Sakufukan Restaurant


Expectations to speakers

l         Introduction of databases the speakers are involved

l         Their importance and impact on industry, scientific community, general society, and politics

l         The relationship to the other databases

l         Future issues and perspectives

l         Expectations to users




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