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Advances in genomics and ratification of Convention on Biological Diversity make fungi more and more important as a resource.  Why?  Please have a look at the following pages.

Since 1999, we are seeking for possibilities of fungi as a screening source for pharmaceutical or agrochemical lead compounds.  We have a number of collaborations with national institutes, universities and various industries in Japan as well as overseas.  Our screening library is derived from endophytes, litter decomposing fungi, fungicolous fungi isolated from various substrates collected on the premise of Tamagawa, Tsugaru and Hachijo Island in Japan.  Several promising hits have emerged out of our collections and are now under evaluation.  In the meantime, 3 new species have been discovered and we have isolated 6 fungi new to Japan.  We are also developing a new method for isolating fungi in collaboration with Dr. Watanabe.

The last workshop on microbial resources will be held on November 23rd, 2013.  Do not miss this opportunity!



  1. Importance of fungi as a screening source --- why now?
  2. Research interest (in preparation)
  3. Fungal atlas in Tamagawa
  4. List of the recent publication/presentation 
  5. Staff
  6. Convention on Biological Diversity and Biological Resource Center (in preparation)
  7. Workshop on Microbial Resources
  8. Training course for microbial resources and their application
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visitor since July 20, 2001.


Name Position & roles Research fields
Toru OKUDA Ph. D., Professor Mycology, Microbiology
Tatsuo HOSHINO Ph. D., Professor Applied Microbiology
Masaaki TAZOE Ph. D., Visiting Senior Scientist Natural Product Chemistry
Takayuki ISHIZAKI Ph. D., Researcher Mycology, Molecular biology
Yuki TSUCHIYA Fungal isolation, identification & taxonomy Mycology, Plant pathology, Fungal ecology
Akiko SHIMIZU Metabolic engineering Molecular biology, Applied microbiology
Setsuko KOBAYASHI Fermentation and strain improvement Biochemistry
Harumi OGAWA Library construction & Biological assays Biochemistry
Masumi UEMURA Preservation & isolation Microbiology, Actinomycetology
Mitsuko KUNIMOTO Administration & Secretary Microbiology
Junko TAKAHASHI Metaboilc engineering and administration Microbiology

Staff holding concurrent post

Name Position & roles Research fields
Kazuaki HIGASHI Ph. D., Professor of Faculty of Agriculture Physiology of Plant Pathogens, Biochemistry
Hiroshi HORI Ph. D., Professor of Faculty of Agriculture Natural Product Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry
Kyoko WATANABE Ph. D., Associate Professor of Faculty of Agriculture Phytopathology


Any inquiries on this Web site should be addressed to:
Toru Okuda or
Toshikazu Oki

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