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*How do our brains generate free will?

*Why are our preferences different among one another?

*How do our brains are motivated or demotivated?

*We are investigating brains to answer these questions.

Looking for candidates for students in Graduate School of Brain Sciences, Tamagawa University.

Candidates for JSPS post-docs are also welcome.

Let’s reveal the neural underpinnings of human nature together!!


To solve the mysteries of the brain...


Joint Tamagawa-Caltech Lecture Course 2011

Genetic, cellular, and cognitive approaches to understanding social behavior

Held as Social Neuroscience satellite of ASSC15 at Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall. Most thanks to all the attendees.

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Yukihito Yomogida, Ryuta Aoki, and Ayaka Sugiura.

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Adam Phillips (Researcher) and Yuka Ueno (Assistant)

Murayama et al. 2010 has been introduced in a BBC site!

“Does money really motivate people?”

Murayama et al. 2010 will be introduced in a textbook for cognitive neuroscience.

Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience (2nd ed.)

Sample chapter 14 (Decision Making)

Keise Izuma, Kou Murayama, and Kenji Matsumoto

co-supervised with Prof. Ohtake the Special Exhibition,

It’s All about Money!–Confront Yourself

through 10 Experiences

by Miraikan (Mar 9-Jun 24, 2013).

A satellite event

Now Experiment! (1)–The Reason Why You Choose It

was also held (May 18 (Sat)).

(Cooperated by Yomogida, Aoki, Abe, and Sugiura)

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Kazuki Iijima

Kenji Matsumoto organized a workshop “Evolution of Social Cognitive Ability Based on Neural Coding of Fictive and Other’s Outcomes” in HNW2014, satellite workshops of 2014 ICN (International Congress of Neuroethology), which was held at Hokkaido University in June, 2014. I appreciate everyone’s support.

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Shogo Kajimura, Eriko Yamamoto

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Nagomi Fujisawa