Materials for the fungus flora of Japan (56) 

Mariannaea camptospora and M. elegans var. punicea from Japan

Toru Okuda and Kozo Yamamoto*  *Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd., Discovery Research Laboratory

Mycoscience 41: 411-414, 2000

One additional species and a variety of Mariannaea, M. camptospora Samson and M. elegans (Corda) Samson var. punicea Samson, were recorded for the first time in Japan.  M. camptospora formed two types of conidiophores.  One type was characterized by simple verticillate phialides sometimes with punctuate walls at the base, producing long oblique conidial chains, and symmetrical spindle-shaped conidia.  The other type was characterized by more crowded and shorter phialides with small conidial droplets and hemispherical to concave smaller conidia.  M. elegans var. punicea was characterized by distinct red purple pigmentation in agar media.

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