Production of TMC-151, TMC-154 and TMC-171, a new class of antibiotics, is specific to eGliocladium roseumf group

Toru Okuda, Jun Kohno*, Noboru Kishi*, Yasuyuki Asai*, Maki Nishio*, and Saburo Komatsubara* 

*Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd., Discovery Research Laboratory

Mycoscience 41: 239-253, 2000

        A novel class of fungal metabolites, TMC-151, TMC-154, and TMC-171 series compounds, was found exclusively in Gliocladium catenulatum, Clonostachys rosea and closely related strains.  These compounds were not detected in any other fungi examined.  The production spectrum of each component was correlated to the morphology of the secondary conidiophores and the conidia.  TMC-151 was limited to Clonostachys rosea (formerly G. roseum) forming navicular or reniform conidia or G. catenulatum with gray-green conidial masses, whereas TMC-154 and 171 were limited to the strains closely related to Gliocladium roseum, which grew more slowly and formed more symmetrical conidia.

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