Screening of bioactive compounds from actinomycetes isolated in Toyama Prefecture

*Yasuhiro Igarashi, *Yuko Kuwamori, *Tamotsu Furumai, and Toshikazu Oki

*Toyama Prefectural University, Biotechnology Research Center

Toyama Prefectural University Kiyo 11: 47-54, 2001

Actinomycetes were isolated from the environmental samples such as soil, plants and deep seawater collected in Toyama.  They were then cultuvated in liquid media and the bioactive components produced in the cultured broth were isolated and analyzed by spectroscopic methods.  As a result, we found hibarimicin, arisopstatin, nocardione and kosinostatin as antitumor agents, glcosylquestiomycin, novobiocin analogs, cedarmycin and watasemycin as antibacterial agents, and pteridic acid and fistupyrone as plant growth regulators.

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