Is the natural product screening activity declining?

Toru Okuda

Abstracts of Asian Mycological Congress 2000, Hong Kong SAR, China.  9-13 July 2000. 32p.

The expectation toward fungal metabolites was tremendous since blockbuster drugs such as mevalotina and cyclosporine were launched more than a decade ago.  During these years, meanwhile, technologies for drug discovery process have been highly advanced and diversified.  Pharmaceutical industries are keeping up with heavy competition with high-throughput screening (HTS), combinatorial chemistry and genomics.  The better-faster-cheaper strategy tends to dive out the natural products screening (NPS) programs, which take time and cost much.  Recently, we took a survey of the NPS activities by sending questionnaires to various organizations mainly in Japan.  73% of them are conducting NPS.  However, they are facing difficulties including pure technological problems to cope with HTS and more political issues such as Conventions on Biological Diversity.  I will discuss trends and future in the NPS programs form a viewpoint of mycology.  I will also touch on discussions on collaboration between Asian countries and Japanfs biological resource center.

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