Fungi in Tamagawa

We collected isolation sources such as soil, litter leaves, and rotten twigs on the premise of Tamagawa University.  We isolated 1,072 fungal strains from the sources collected along the paths, in the forest or the crop fields from May to September, 1999.  They were intended to use for analysis of fungal flora as well as establishment of fungal resource library.  542 out of the 1,072 were tentatively identified at least generic level.  The most frequent genus was Penicillium (101 strains), followed by Acremonium (65), Coelomycetes (44), Paecilomyces (40), and Trichoderma (34).  The isolates were characterized by mixture of southern and northern species, frequent occurrence of forest species and insect pathogens.

Fungal Atlas


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