The 24th Workshop on Microbial Resources

"Where are you going, Mr. Natural Product Drug Discovery --- Most recent trends"

First Circular: speakers fixed

--- The workshop in June was excellent, the participants enjoyed the workshop in June.  Next workshop will be the last one organized by us, Okuda/Hoshino.  Please join us.



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More than 10 years, from 2000 up to now, we organized Workshop on Microbial Resources.  Next one, the 24th will be the last workshop organized by us.  Then why not; let us go back to our favorite title, natural product drug discovery and look at the most recent trends and discuss what will be the next step in this area.  Fortunately, experts from USA and Germany come to us. Please join us and let us enjoy natural fermentation products after the workshop at the new Keyaki restaurant on the premise of Tamagawa University.

Date & Time:  November 23rd, 2013; Saturday, from 13:00

Place: Tamagawa University, Research Bldg B104

Registration fee: \3,000, Students free

Mixer: \5,000, Students \3,000

Organized by Mycology & Metabolic Diversity Research Center, Tamagawa University Research Institute

Registration: FAX +81 42 739 8669  Email to Toru Okuda

Deadline of registration: November 15th


Program (tentative)

13:00-13:10     Greeting                                                                      Tatsuo Hoshino, Tamagawa University

13:10-13:50     Discovery of new anti-cancer drug leads from microbes

                                                                                Cedric Pearce, Mycosynthetix, USA

13:50-14:30     Research and development of milbemycin

                                                                          Takao Okazaki, Tamagawa University;

                                                                   Keiji Tanaka, Kinki University/MC-Ryokka

14:30-15:10     Discovery of novel metabolites from Hypocreales

                               Takao Fukuda, Yasuhiro Igarashi, Toyama Prefectural University

15:10-15:50     Coffee break

15:50-16:30     New products for the life science industry based on secondary metabolites

                        from cultures of edible and medicinal Asian mushrooms

                         Marc Stadler, Helmholtz Zentrum für Infektionsforschung, Germany

16:30-17:10     Exploitation of novel secondary metabolites by using chemically mediated

                        epigenetic manipulation

                                                                                         Teigo Asai, Tohoku University

17:10-17:40     Concluding remarks, natural product drug discovery – several recent movements

                                                                                Toru Okuda, Tamagawa University

18:00-20:00    Mixer                                                                            New Keyaki Restaurant







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